Par Marianne Ghorayeb, 25/10/15

Structure - Details

This is what my project is about.

An analyse of two building very similar : a same composition.

In this project, I try to give a vision of the importance of the details in a facade. Something forgotten today. The buildings are more uncluttered than before; a contrast between the old and the new.

Monges of Lausanne & Paris :

For the monges, I decide to analyse all the facade, in particular in the way of my topic, which is the details. I contast also the two building with their proportions.



Photo Project :

For this project of 8 photos, I decide to stage the moulds. This Part of the project is ephemeral, but also essential, so I decide to reprensent this phase in these photos.









Cast of Lausanne & Paris : --1:66

A new vision

In all my project I try to put forward the details and think about how I can present this topic. With this cast, I decided to forget how I can present this, but leave the people alone in front of these cast. I throught away all the details and just keep the structure of the building to show the importance of the details. Without ornaments these two buildings are poor, without the personality they had.






Cast of Lausanne : --1:33

In this cast, I try to imagine how I can put forward the modulation of the details in the facade. I decide to cast the corner of the building of Lausanne in negative. It's a special piece in my project, because it's really ababstract. But in the same time, it's show us very well the height and the structure of the building.



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