ROOMS - Process

Par Mathieu Stutz, Ozan Bakir, 19/03/16



Researchs on movements of a climber

Research drawing_climber moves

A climber wants to start from the bottom and reach the top of the mountain/protostructure and have unique views. Furthermore, he needs physical and mental challenges.

Let see the verticality of the protostructure as an axe of time, from 0:00 am to 11:59 pm. The structure is now separated in 24 egal parts. It can create particular interactions at particular times.

Researchs on the path of the sun in Lausanne for the 21st of march. During this special day, the sunrise is at 6:33 am and the Sunset at 6:49 pm.

Research drawing_sundial

The sun influences the day of a climber, like he will not climb without light. This is why he wants to get out of the protostructure when the sun is shining and get in interior when there is no more sun.

First try of room


Second try of room

Interior part

climber room_1:10 model


Trying to generate spaces with climbing walls.

Keeping the constructive aspect

Last and definitive try:



Projet final