Planes - Processus

Par Mathieu Stutz, 16/11/15

WEEK 10:

Analysis of crossing in Paris with notions of measures and double element.

Research drawing with the +column:

WEEK 11:

Work on different positions of the column to have a global view.


WEEK 12:

Creation of an interior space in the street using facades of Paris in the Rue Reaumur.

Translation of the facades in the column using a module of passage of 75 cm studied in the last project.




WEEK 13:

Focus on the interior space instead of the façades.

Play with the axes of the windows.


Another try with the thickness of the slabs and the openings.

These openings are defined by the relations between the windows. These relations are studied in the last drawings and seen as lines. The openings are the intersections between these lines, the axes of the windows and the column.


WEEK 14:

Casting of the slabs:

First one:

Second one:

Last one:

Final result:

With the slabs only:

Using axes of the windows as vertical plans to create a space:

First try in cupboard with the openings in it:


Last try of the vertical plans in plaster:

With the slabs and the vertical plans: