Par Alex O, Alexandre, Allae, Amelie, Christian, Dana, Enea, fanny, Florence, Liliana, Maria, Mathilde, Maude, Morgan, Nicolas, Paulo, Simon, Tom, 24/04/16

                Image Sun Apr 24 2016 21:18:05 GMT+0200 (CEST)

Structural system composed by 10 lattices, 34 pots and 6 rings 

Image Sun Apr 24 2016 22:41:09 GMT+0200 (W. Europe Standard Time)

Image Mon Apr 25 2016 02:56:50 GMT+0200 (Paris, Madrid (heure d’été))

Dessin axonométrique à la main de notre structure dans la protostructure complète

This garden is made of an inverted pyramidal void. This void is generated by lattices occupying the negative area of the form.

Image Sun Apr 24 2016 16:02:14 GMT+0200 (CEST)Image Sun Apr 24 2016 19:14:58 GMT+0200 (CEST)