Reference - quotes

Par Anne-Sophie De Pesters, 15/12/15

"The building was conceived as a configuration of intermediary places clearly defined. This does not imply continual transition or endless postponement with respect to place and occasion. On the contrary, it implies a break away from the contemporary concept (call it sickness) of spatial continuity and the tendency to erase every articulation between spaces, i.e., between outside and inside, between one space and another. Instead, I tried to articulate the transition by means of defined in-between places which induce simultaneous awareness of what is signified on either side."

                                                                                                                                  Aldo van Eyck

And the extent to which healing is a rite de passage a transition experience, becomes vividly clear in those classical corridors where the sick and ailing turn into their recovery, as it were.

                                                                                         Walter Benjamin, in Arcades Project