Par Sergen Yener, 18/12/15

"When people visit my architecture, I want them to take part in it, I want them to feel something and not just to be there. I also don't want them to feel comfort and joy, but a lot of unconscious and fear, otherwise they can't grow and stay the same. If they just want to see a beautiful panorama of the lake, I could show them a picture and it wouldn't differ much from being in my construction.

Marching on the curved surface in the interior, people don't have the possibility to look outside all of the time. They see, they see a part, they see nothing. So, they are forced to move and bring an effort. I don't know if people would revisit my element, but I know that they'll remember it." 

- "Did you ever climb a mountain?" 

- "Yes."

- "Voilà, so climb my column and on the top of it you'll find not just a beautiful view, but also my philosophy of construction."