• Cross

    Par Carolina Contreras Alvarez, Loïc Lugrin, 21/03/17

                    A view from the Tony Areal side

    Our ROOMS project is all about the intensity of the cross. In order to give tension to the center of the cross based on a knot of the protostructure, we helped ourselves with facades of plywood and differents levels soils

                      ROOMS_RB_contrerasalvarezcarolina-lugrinloic_002                                     ROOMS_RB_contrerasalvarezcarolina-lugrinloic_003
                      We can easily see the otherside...                                            ...and that gives mistery...


    The soils would play with the superposition of the same orthogonal modules sustained by duplications of the protostructure.

                       ROOMS_RB_contrerasalvarezcarolina-lugrinloic_004                                     ROOMS_RB_contrerasalvarezcarolina-lugrinloic_005
                       The slats make shadow games...                                            ...on the structure...


                       ... and superposed passages accentuates the effect...

    Our facades would fitt in the protostructure and in a structure imitating the protostrcuture. They are mostely decorative because of the fact that the soils are those who definitely draw the different spaces.


                        Floating was one of our main threads...

                       ROOMS_RB_contrerasalvarezcarolina-lugrinloic_008                                   ROOMS_RB_contrerasalvarezcarolina-lugrinloic_009

                        The structure would stuck the modules                                 ...and the structure itself would be maintained 

                        of facades....                                                                      by threaded rods...             

    We also wanted to give the oportunity to the passers-by to enter the building in order to continuate his journey.

                        ROOMS_RB_contrerasalvarezcarolina-lugrinloic_010                                    ROOMS_RB_contrerasalvarezcarolina-lugrinloic_011

                        The Katherina and Victor's project ...                                      ...would be a constinuation of ours...




                    Our drawings would show most of the details...

  • Final : Multispacial

    Par Carolina Contreras Alvarez, 19/12/16

    The walls make it real...


                           Global view as the walls are open

    Creating different environment was my main line during the whole project. The slidding double-wall is the key of this objective.



                              A view as the room is closed


    The different positions of the flooring and the walls would help to realise the atmospheres that make us feel in a free space, a closed room, a hall or a corridor. Floors are made of plaster to reproduce inercia so as the walls are made of wood.   


                               Another view as the double-wall is closed

    Floors and walls are made of different thickness to express the importance of each one in the space.

                      PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_119              PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_120

                      Looking at the corridor                                                  Details are made to give realism

                      PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_121              PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_122

                     Walls are inked in the protostructure...                            ... and the foors variate



    The final drawings...                                                             ... in scale 1:20

  • Week 2: Deepenning

    Par Carolina Contreras Alvarez, 04/12/16

      PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_109     PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_110

      A picture from upside once it's closed...                                ...and so when it's opened


    This week, I tried to stabilize the double-wall and his passage; they would be glued together in an orthogonal way in order to make it stronger. I also tried to give more spaciality to the project so I added two walls on different floors. At last but not at least, I tried to repeate a kind of "L" module in the floors and the double-wall to give a rythm.

      PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_111         PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_112

                           The passage has a kind of little entrance cut into the wall; there is also a little step

                PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_113                              PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_114

               The lower wall...                                                                    ...and the upper one

  • Week 1 : Development

    Par Carolina Contreras Alvarez, 27/11/16

    This week, I started working on two-levels platform separated by a double-wall placed on a rail. It is all about the concept of the threshold, of the transition to an other space. So I created a model with cardboard in orther to face the different possibilities and restrictions given by the protostructure.

         PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_101              PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_102

         A global view of the piece

    The two levels are made to look like they are floating.


          PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_104            PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_105           Details of the level difference

    The wall would be placed on a rail.


                                               The rail is made to be discret

    And open or close the access to a free space.

             PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_107                  PLANES_RB_contrerascarolina_108

           As the first entrance is open...                                             As the second entrance is open   




                    A monge in scale 1:50                  An axonometry in scale 1:20                  A vew details in scale 1:10

  • Week 4: Lit-table orthonormé

    Par Carolina Contreras Alvarez, Pierrot Lankry, Zacharie Cabaud, 15/11/16

    This final week, we finished to build our element in real scale and brought it to the site. Our place was unfortunately occupied. However, we could perfectly adapt our element thank to his rail system.


                    Image Thu Nov 17 2016 15:08:35 GMT+0100 (CET)

    The orthogonal rails and the table fonction permitted to create different spaces and, at the same time, a place to stay for a wile sitting or lying on the bed. 

    ELEMENTS_RB_lankrypierrot-contrerascarolina-cabaudzacharie_109  ELEMENTS_RB_lankrypierrot-contrerascarolina-cabaudzacharie_110ELEMENTS_RB_lankrypierrot-contrerascarolina-cabaudzacharie_111  ELEMENTS_RB_lankrypierrot-contrerascarolina-cabaudzacharie_112     
    Our element interacting with the site and the human

            ELEMENTS_RB_lankrypierrot-contrerascarolina-cabaudzacharie_113         ELEMENTS_RB_lankrypierrot-contrerascarolina-cabaudzacharie_114         ELEMENTS_RB_lankrypierrot-contrerascarolina-cabaudzacharie_115      

    A few details of the final element

    Image Tue Nov 15 2016 20:19:51 GMT+0100 (CET)  ELEMENTS_RB_lankrypierrot-contrerascarolina-cabaudzacharie_203

    Monge of the element. Scale 1:10.                                         The protostructure integrated in the site

    ELEMENTS_RB_lankrypierrot-contrerascarolina-cabaudzacharie_204  ELEMENTS_RB_lankrypierrot-contrerascarolina-cabaudzacharie_205

    Global axonometry with details                                                                          Detail of the major pale of the structure