• PLANES - week 3

    Par Medic Marina, 26/12/16
    the global project

    To make our project stronger in a specific context, we had to think our project with three or four other students. In this case, we wanted to create a linear walk through the four projects. Openings are quite lined up. In this way, we see the end and duration of the walk.

      Image Mon Dec 26 2016 10:12:44 GMT+0100 (CET)Image Mon Dec 26 2016 10:12:44 GMT+0100 (CET)

    the project 

    Finally, I decided to accentuate the idea of the difference of height and atmosphere. 

                PLANES_JC_medicmarina_117                PLANES_JC_medicmarina_112

    the details 

    The idea of the inclined plane is now concentrate on the angle of the wood part. To make it more textile, it represents the idea of a wave.


           PLANES_JC_medicmarina_105         PLANES_JC_medicmarina_116

           PLANES_JC_medicmarina_107          PLANES_JC_medicmarina_113

             PLANES_JC_medicmarina_106           PLANES_JC_medicmarina_110

             PLANES_JC_medicmarina_111            PLANES_JC_medicmarina_115

    the drawings

    planes_jc_medicmarina_202                Image Thu Jan 05 2017 16:49:07 GMT+0100 (CET)

    section                                            scale 1:20 / details scale 1:5                    plane                                                                         scale 1:20



                                                               elevation                                         scale 1:20 / details scale 1:5

  • PLANES - week 2

    Par Medic Marina, 26/12/16
    development of the two planes

    Based on what I did last week, I have now to think about two planes and their intersection. So I decided, through the painting Zeltzimmer in dem Schloss, to concentrate on the difference of height, of atmosphere and this idea of inclined plane (suggested by the the roof of the Zeltzimmer).

    Regarding the atmosphere difference, I wanted to clearly define the wood part to the plaster part and try not to mix them. Concerning the plaster side, I wanted to highlight the plaster's characteristics : cold, straight, heavy, ... On the contrary, I wanted for the wood part something more textile, opened, warm and light. Finally and concerning the difference of height, it's already given by the inclined plane.

     PLANES_JC_medicmarina_101              PLANES_JC_medicmarina_103

    PLANES_JC_medicmarina_102             PLANES_JC_medicmarina_104

  • PLANES - week 1

    Par Medic Marina, 25/11/16
    starting point : the painting

    Here is the painting that I selected between the selection given by the studio.


                                                                                                                            Potsdam, Schloß Charlottenhof, Zeltzimmer

    perspective based on the painting Schloß Charlottenhof, Zeltzimmer

    Based on this painting, the goal of this exercise was to make the perspective according to the space already suggested. Then I had to think about a new space that wouldn't appear but suggested by the opening of the side on the left of the room.


                                                                                                                                                          scale 1:33

  • P2 - E2: PROJECT

    Par Jaton Doriand Andrzej, Leyland Catherine Elsie Jacqueline, Medic Marina, 21/11/16


    model 1

    This model is the idea we decided to work on. The issues related to this model are; the curve doesn't fit with the human scale (laying person) and is too uncomfortable. The second issue is the amount of wood that we use is too important.


    model 2

    We reduced the width and did something way less based on a ''circle'' that is why clear angles have now appeared. The issues: The angles are too brutal and it doesn't express the idea of ''curve'' anymore. The roof doesn't create a link between the window and the bed. 


    model 3- final model

    This model is a clear mix of the two anterior models. We managed to use less woods, the curve fits with the human scale and it looks more curvy. We decided to do a progressive gap between the boards in order to create a strong link between the window and the bed. 



    place Bel-Air, 1003 Lausanne

    interesting facts about the place :

    1. nice paronamic view all over the Flon 

    2. isolated

    3. quiet and peaceful because there's nobody at the end of this place

    goal : reactivate activity on the place by adding an infrastructure which fits with the qualities of the place. That's why we decided to build a bed-window

    ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_104            ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_105


    Par Medic Marina, Jaton Doriand Andrzej, Leyland Catherine Elsie Jacqueline, 17/11/16


    the drawings et collages

    axonometry                            monges projection

    ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_201       ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_202

                                                                 scale 1:10                                                                       scale 1:10


    urban collage

    This poster explains what we observed about the place, why we decided to make an object there, what is thecommon strategy and link with the other groups' projects and what we want our object to change in this place.



    pictures of the final project

    Place Bel-Air, 1003 Lausanne


    ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_107  ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_108


    ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_109 ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_110

    ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_111 ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_112

    ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_113 ELEMENTS_JC_medicmarina-leylandcatherine-jatondoriand_114