• Rooms : Final project (week 4)

    Par Belaich Yonah, Tiezzi Alessandro, 21/03/17

     Rooms - Pass Above

    Our last propose is an unhuman scale and dark corridor with a floor light line guiding the passengers. As we have a dark and stretched continuity, the idea was to use the longitudinal space to create a cinematographic room. The name of the project has been choosed according to the decision to pass above an other project. 

    Alcove is used to occupate the space in different directions. However, after several trials we couldn't find a bright solution to position them. An other point to explore is the surface created below the stairs.

        ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_104      ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_103      ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_102      ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_101        

                                            Exit                                              Passage over the other project                  Projection room                          Entrance

        ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_201   ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_202   ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_203    

                                Plan and Section                                                      Sections                                                           Details

        ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_105  ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_106  ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_107


       ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_108 ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_109 ROOMS_JC_belaichyonah-tiezzialessandro_204

                                   View in context                                                                         Alcove - Research drawing of the alcove       


    Par Ogbonna Gabriel Ihechimnemerem, Terrien Romane, 16/03/17


                                                                      Hong Kong architects Olivier Ottevaere and John Lin


    We worked more on the gride provides by the module that guides our project. Bringing down the scene and repetating it to creat a roof. We transformed the platfrom of the initial scene in a circulation space.

              global views

    ROOMS_JC_romaneterrien-ogbonnagabriel_119 ROOMS_JC_romaneterrien-ogbonnagabriel_117

                                                the structure with and without platform. model 1:10



                          ROOMS_JC_romaneterrien-ogbonnagabriel_120  ROOMS_JC_romaneterrien-ogbonnagabriel_121  ROOMS_JC_romaneterrien-ogbonnagabriel_122

                               stairs connection. model 1:10              roof platform support. model 1:10        scene support. model 1:10


                        situation views                   


                               relation scene-performer. model 1:10



                                                                                                relation stairs-man. model 1:10    


                               view from the stairs. model 1:10

    We worked a lot with the drawings to try to find the right scales and heights of the platforms

                     ROOMS_JC_romaneterrien-ogbonnagabriel_203      ROOMS_JC_romaneterrien-ogbonnagabriel_204

                         working plan. drawings 1:20                                                 working section. drawing 1:20 

                     ROOMS_JC_romaneterrien-ogbonnagabriel_205      ROOMS_JC_romaneterrien-ogbonnagabriel_206

                           final section. drawing 1:20                                                 final plan 1:20