• Final Presentation

    Par Terrien Romane, 20/12/16

                                                                            My final model

    My lower ground is my tectonic plan (made of wooden and cardboard) to show the opening and the lightness of my "public" site. 

    The form of my plan and the way I built it show a certain freedom (he could be enlarges).

    Then I wanted to make a big difference between the transition/personnal space and the public space. This is why I use plaster (who is a massive material, so it played the role i want to give at this space).

    PLANS_JC_terrienromane_112         PLANS_JC_terrienromane_111

                                   side view                                                               view from under neath

     PLANS_JC_terrienromane_110         PLANS_JC_terrienromane_109


                                      front view                                                                     view from above



                 PLANS_JC_terrienromane_208        PLANS_JC_terrienromane_207            

                                     Section 1 - Scale 1:20                                          Section 2 - Scale 1:20

                 PLANS_JC_terrienromane_206         PLANS_JC_terrienromane_205        

                                        Plan - Scale 1:20                                                Axonometrie - Scale 1:20

                                                                                 Final scenario   


    We have to create (in a group of 4 people) a scenario with our various spaces. 
    We made a kind of walk from a place to an other one. The openings of my collegues were aligned with my personal space to facilitate the passage.





  • PLANS - second approach

    Par Terrien Romane, 09/12/16

    For my second approach, I wanted to intensify the side   "public space" and "personal space" with a difference of  level (according to my painting).

    I studied a way of building my tectonic ground. Diagonals allow me to stabilize the protostructure and also to lead the look     from a space to the other one.

    PLANS_JC_terrienromane_105     PLANS_JC_terrienromane_104

                                         Side view                                                                                Up view

    $PLANS_JC_terrienromane_204      PLANS_JC_terrienromane_203      PLANS_JC_terrienromane_202

                 Plan, scale 1:20                                       Elevation, scale 1:20                                 Section, scale 1:20

  • Plans - First approach

    Par Terrien Romane, 25/11/16

                                                          Starter point of my project


                                                 Felix Vallotton - Interior with woman in red


                                                                            Inversed perspective

    By studying this space, I wanted to create two rooms connected between them by the ground. These two rooms will be very different one from the other  but they are  in the same global space. They will be separated by a wall with an opening to be able to pass from a place to an other one. 

    The wall is a precise limit, so it’s my stereotomique plan.

    The ground is a place where we move freely, this is my tectonic plan. 

    My first space is more intimate, more closed. The ground is less opened and the space is cut/hidden by the protostructure. 

    My second space is a more open space with an almost not visible protostructure and a more open ground.




                                                                              Global space

                   PLANS_JC_terrienromane_103       PLANS_JC_terrienromane_102

                                         Intimate space                                                          Open space


    Par Michel Kyra Lea, Ogbonna Gabriel Ihechimnemerem, Terrien Romane, 16/11/16


                                                                   Critique (on site) 11/14/2016 ©Marina Medic

                ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_127      ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_126

                ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_125        ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_124

               ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_123        ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_122

               ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_121        ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_120

                                      Views of the 1:1 construction of Proposal II on site (with and without persons)


    Par Michel Kyra Lea, Ogbonna Gabriel Ihechimnemerem, Terrien Romane, 13/11/16


                   Visual references: Carl Andre - The Way North, South, and West (1975). Frank Stella  - Black Series II (1967)                                                               

           ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_119  ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_118  ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_117

                                                               Working models (Kyra Lea Michel)



                                                                         Final model: Front and oblique view

               ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_209      ELEMENTS_JC_kyraleamichel-ogbonnagabriel-terrienromane_208

                                        Monge projection and axonometry of Object Proposal II (Gabriel Ogbonna / Romane Terrien)