• Final presentation

    Par Zbinden Arnaud Loick, 19/12/16

                                                                  Final presentation P3 : Planes


    The idea of the last week was to make groups of four to assemble the project and have stronger structure. But the idea went further because assembling individual project means creating connections between us and to group with project that you could gain in quality from each other.

    A second task was to develop the nods and the way it could be built. We had to think how the wood part could be built in reality (no glue but screws or pins) and to do it in a 1:20 scale.

                            PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_101    PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_102

                   The "In-line" common project

                   PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_103    PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_104


                                                          A relevant nod

                                                                                 The drawings


    Scale of the drawings : 1:20

                   Plan :                                           Section A :                                   Section B :

                   PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_201    PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_202    PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_203

                                                                  Axonometry :

                                                                  Image Mon Dec 19 2016 22:43:22 GMT+0100 (CET)

  • Third proposal P3 : Planes

    Par Zbinden Arnaud Loick, 19/12/16

                                                                       Cardboard and wood mockup


    I decided to move up my project because it was to tiny inside and I could not express what I wanted to express from the initial painting. Then, I could build a wall that is more or less the same dimension (scale 1:20) from the painting. The floor is the result of searching a solution for the joint between the plaster wall and the wood floor into the proto-structure and it should not be taken as a final solution.

                             PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_101   PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_102

  • First "final" test

    Par Zbinden Arnaud Loick, 06/12/16

                                                                                      The idea                                                                         


    The general idea was the recreate the initial painting in 3D. I focused on the 2 main walls of the room that I decided to cast them to be stereotomic because of their heavy appearance. Then, I took the square pattern of the floor to have my tectonic part and I created a deepness with this constructed element.

                                                                             The "broken" plaster



                                                             The two ideas and construction of the floor


    1.                                                     2.                                                  The construction

    PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_102  PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_103  Image Mon Dec 19 2016 21:54:56 GMT+0100 (CET)



                    The plan, the elevation with 1:5 details and the section

                    PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_201    PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_202    PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_203

                                                                                                                                                      Scale 1:20

  • Second proposal P3 : Planes

    Par Zbinden Arnaud Loick, 28/11/16


                                                                                      The mockup 


    I re-tought my project from the starting point of the painting. I saw that the floor is squared, so I decided to make it tectonic but I used it as a roof (like in the drawing below).

    The stereotomic wall is inspired from the right wall in the painting. I imagined that the mirror makes a continuity from the wall in a "S" shape.

                  PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_201                      PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_202

    1.  The tectonic roof in the protostructure    2.The stereotomic wall in the protostructure    3. The 2 parts of the wall

       1.                                                       2.                                                        3.

      Image Mon Nov 28 2016 03:38:34 GMT+0100 (CET)  PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_102  PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_103

                                                                                    The drawings


               The Monge in 3 sheets, scale 1:20

               PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_203    PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_204    PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_205

                                                         The axonometrie, scale 1:20


  • First proposal P3 : Planes

    Par Zbinden Arnaud Loick, 25/11/16

                                                            A stereotomic floor and a techtonic wall


    From my last post, I took a section in the plan of my reverse perspective to make the floor of my space and I let the door that seperated the two initial spaces to structure it. Then, I took the windows as if it was balcony and the protostructure as if she was part of the techtonic wall. I choosed such a techtonic wall to let the light passing trough but the space is small enough to make a real seperation. The reason is that in the painting the window and so the light is really important and that is what attracted me to work with it ; the brightness. 


              PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_101                       PLANES_JC_zbindenarnaud_102

              The techtonic wall integrates the protostructure                      Making two different spaces from the original reverse                                                                                                             perspective contributes to the integration of the                                                                                                                     protostructure and create an open space.


                Elevation                                                                              Plan

    Image Fri Nov 25 2016 14:35:53 GMT+0100 (CET)                      Image Fri Nov 25 2016 14:32:06 GMT+0100 (CET)