• PLANES | WEEK 5 | Hollow Column

    Par Brigitte Eichenberger, 19/12/16

    Inspired by the previous Elements exercise, I was interested in how the body might pass through a colonnade, or even through a column itself.

    Subverting the function of a column as a symbolic architectural element to be viewed from the outside, I integrated an expanded ‘hollow column’ into the protostructure. The column’s interior, with its inclined walls, subtly shifts and changes the perception of space from the inside.

    The body passes through successive degrees of enclosure: from open horizontal platform, to hollow vertical column, to partially enclosed shelter.


                                                                               Exterior View of the Model


                                                                                 Interior View of the Model


                                                                                             Axonometric 1:66


                                                                                                   Drawing 1:20

  • PLANES | WEEK 2 | First Tentatives

    Par Brigitte Eichenberger, 28/11/16
    Image Mon Nov 28 2016 08:40:26 GMT+0100 (CET)         Image Mon Nov 28 2016 08:40:26 GMT+0100 (CET)

                                                                                                                                                      hollow column used as a passageway

  • PLANES | WEEK 1 | Cast of an Interior

    Par Brigitte Eichenberger, Eléonor Gras, 23/11/16


                                             Interior of Bank Stock Office, London early 1800s 

                                                              Joseph Michael Gandy for John Soane


     Mould of the interior space of the Bank Stock office derived from the painting


                                                                               Cast of the negative space

  • ELEMENTS / WEEK 4 / double element

    Par Antoine Prat, Brigitte Eichenberger, Emma Larcelet, Samuel Varrin, 14/11/16

                               ELEMENTS_EJ_pratantoine-varrinsamuel-emmalarcelet-eichenbergerbrigitte_105      ELEMENTS_EJ_pratantoine-varrinsamuel-emmalarcelet-eichenbergerbrigitte_106

                               ELEMENTS_EJ_pratantoine-varrinsamuel-emmalarcelet-eichenbergerbrigitte_108      ELEMENTS_EJ_pratantoine-varrinsamuel-emmalarcelet-eichenbergerbrigitte_107   

                                                                                                                              Double Element – contrasting views 

  • ELEMENTS / WEEK 4 / double element

    Par Antoine Prat, Brigitte Eichenberger, Emma Larcelet, Samuel Varrin, 13/11/16


    • to hang

    Returning to the site from the MEASURES exercise, a public billboard provided the ideal surface for us to perform the action verb “to hang,” which was then measured and drawn.

    Placing rotating panels in the opening of the colonnade beside the billboard generates a space, which can vary in its function. When the panels are open they act as doors allowing the stream of pedestrians to pass through. When they are closed they create a new billboard surface on which to hang posters and other public announcements. Additionally, flipping tables integrated into the panels can be folded up and down to create a space and a room inside the city to linger.

    When the tables are up, they form a wave derived from the initial human motion drawing, and when they are unfolded, they provoke the inverse movement from that of hanging, to flip.