• PLANES | WEEK 5 | Final week

    Par Eléonor Gras, 20/12/16


    Two different arches in two different directions, gathered in one corner.

    The aim is to suggest the space by giving to each arch a different function. First, the entrance; slim but high, this arch delimits the transition between the threshold and the interior. This goes with a step which enhances the crossing and the discovery of a new space. 

    Then, the continuity. The second arch is lower and longer in order to evoke the extent of the area. Moreover, a wall and another step create an additional space: a "niche" which allows the privacy. 

    The whole project is made of plaster in the aim to keep the purity of the white.

                        PLANES_EJ_graseleonor_212                PLANES_EJ_graseleonor_211



                                                                       Updated drawings, monge 1:20; Axonometry 1:20 and monge 1:66



                                    Mould for the arches: the general aspect and detail of where we make the plaster cast 


                               Image Tue Dec 20 2016 21:08:01 GMT+0100

                               Image Tue Dec 20 2016 21:08:01 GMT+0100

                                      Interior of the cast, the"niche"


                                    Exterior of the cast, the entrance

  • PLANES | WEEK 4 | First plaster

    Par Eléonor Gras, 19/12/16


    As the drawings helped me a lot with the construction details, I took the time to test the plaster in order to realize the production difficuties. 


                            "Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to

                                            change our thinking in order to find it." Niels Bohr

  • PLANES | WEEK 3 | Catalyst and drawing process

    Par Eléonor Gras, 19/12/16

    After some reflection, the first model on protostructure was not convincing.

    That's why I decided to come back to a first idea that I had thanks to the painting that we studied (cf week 1; Bank Stock Office by Gandy). 

    I found interesting  to focus on the moment when two arches get together and deepen this notion.


                                                        Detail from Bank stock office showing the corner whith the two arches 


    To this end, I focused a lot on the drawings to developp this concept:

          PLANES_EJ_graseleonor_211              PLANES_EJ_graseleonor_212

    The monge enabled me to understand the constructions difficulties while the axonometry let us understand the spatial composition which is created 

    Moreover, I found some inspirations either in Piranesi's drawings or arches ruins


                          Carceri  by Piranesi, 18th century


                           Smyrna, Turkey; arches ruins

  • PLANES | WEEK 2 | Research on light and shadow & First model

    Par Eléonor Gras, 27/11/16
    Preliminary research:


                         Experimental box in order to study the light when it's dark thank's to a removible roof.


                         Result inside the box after several tests

    First try on the protostructure:


                   Model on the protostructure


                   Detail of the light projected on the wall

                Image Mon Nov 28 2016 08:14:42 GMT+0100 (CET)

                   Axonometric of the protostructure including the model


  • PLANES | WEEK 1 | Cast of an Interior

    Par Brigitte Eichenberger, Eléonor Gras, 23/11/16


                                             Interior of Bank Stock Office, London early 1800s 

                                                              Joseph Michael Gandy for John Soane


     Mould of the interior space of the Bank Stock office derived from the painting


                                                                               Cast of the negative space