Par Emma Larcelet, 19/12/16


    Based on the window of the preliminary exercise PLANES and a desire to create a kind of mechanism in the protostructure, the project began on the idea of a single sliding modular window. But quickly, my interest was focused on the impact of several sliding elements in space.

    Thus, a game of density and dimension of space has been developed around vertical and horizontal sliding panels taking the directional vectors offered by the initial protostructure.

    Space is then defined by the intersection of these planes which materialize the dimension of the latter allowing it restriction on a defined room but also it expansion "to infinity ».


                                                                                                                              outside views



                                                                                                                                inside views 

    PLANES_EJ_larceletemma_209PLANES_EJ_larceletemma_210                                                                                                            drawings 1:66 & 1:20


  • PLANES / weeks 4-5

    Par Emma Larcelet, 19/12/16


    If the process of the project lead me to the idea of a single sliding modular window, when I then took interest on the detail of sliding panel, I realized that the impact of several sliding elements on the space would be bigger.

    This is why I decided to focus on different sliding planes which modulated the quality of space in continuity with the 3 directional vectors given by the protostructure.

    So, this week, the purpose was to focused on sliding details.

    PLANES_EJ_larceletemma_106  PLANES_EJ_larceletemma_107  PLANES_EJ_larceletemma_108


    •     begin to build rail details and testing it into the protostructure


  • PLANES / week 3

    Par Emma Larcelet, 06/12/16


    • Task : This week, the idea was to develop the project through drawing, using it as a real conception tool.

    The project continues to be focused on the views that a fragment of space can offer to a human. This time a vertical sliding element was added in order to open or close the space described in order to give several possible configurations to the man, always adapted to his different postures.


    developing the new idea of sliding element in a living corner in superimposition with the previous project 1:66


    new idea by focusing more on the verticality of the sliding element to play with the horizontal given by the table/chair


    monge at 1:20 and researches for the impact of a solid or hollow sliding element (door, window) on the vision of human 1:33


     different views in axonometry:
    - the evolution of ideas in the protostructure 1:66
    - axonometry zoom 1:20
    - detail sliding rail 1:5


  • PLANES / week 2

    Par Emma Larcelet, 27/11/16



                                                                                 Frau am Fenster, Caspar David Friedrich, 1822

    PLANES_EJ_larceletemma_303                                                                                             Le Cabanon, Le Corbusier, 1951

    For this project PLANES I would like to concentrate on the openings in spaces, influenced by the windows present in the preliminary PLANES exercise and some references that I like.

    Indeed, here the goal is to create a space that can be modulated on several levels that communicate with each other through openings directly adapted to the actions and posture of man in space.

    The space, itself delimited in several rooms adapts to a person inviting him to a walk through the different levels while keeping different views on the outside or the rest of the elements.



                                                        having views on second and third stages while lying on the bed


                                                                               third stage : views while sitting and standing up


                                                                  view while standing up through second and third stages

                                                                                                                                   CASTS 1:66


                                                                                                    differents views of the idea 1:66


                                                                                            protostructure in axonometry 1:66


  • PLANES / week 1

    Par Emma Larcelet, Samuel Varrin, 27/11/16


    • Task: Cast the space suggested and highlighted by the painting, then draw it.

                                                                   Vue d'un corridor, Samuel Van Hoogstraten, 1662

    We focused mainly on the room row and the space they generated. Here, our interest was to create 3 separate blocks, for the 3 rooms which are different by their use and importance: entrance, kitchen and large dining room.

    But in order to recreate the continuity suggested by the painting, we created a door, this time hollow, to contrast with the positive space of the plaster which allows to place the plasters according to an alignment and even to change their initial places.

    Light can thus pass through matter by highlighting the sequence of rooms suggested by the painter.


                                                                                                                            Mold 1:66


                                                                                                             Views of the cast 1:66


                                                                                                                        Final Cast 1:66