floating carpet

Par Hugo Cabaret, 13/12/18

Planes :

    The weeks after the critique were dedicated to Planes. 

I had to think about a vertical and a horizontal condition. I wanted to have a logical sequence in my project, so I decided to use my elements and to modify it a bit so I could have a horizontal plane that would float on water. 

This chain of hinges would be like a floating catwalk, and walkers could go on it to have a good view of the lake and feel the dynamic of the water. I wanted to have a surface that could follow the waves and that could be all linked together, without having a finish line, in the way that it is possible to add as many hinges as we want. Moreover, I had to choose a shape that looked nice and that was pleasant, so I decided to do a triangle, because I liked the idea of having a carpet that was smaller and smaller so that when you reached the last point, you were standing in a small area of the carpet with nothing else around. For me this point would be the limit of the carpet and you would have to be careful of not falling because the surface under your feet is, at this point, small.

After some models, I found a one that was working pretty well, and I decided to drew a perspective to see what it would look like.


Then I decided to do the carpet in wood because I like the visual of wood floating on water. When the carpet was made, I had to think of a way to attach it to the rock that I used for measures. I decided to use hooks that could be screwed to any surface and then attach the carpet to the hooks. Then I built a pole that would be anchored in the wall. The last hinge of my carpet is going up and down in the rail inside the pole. I put inside the rail a wood part that can stop the carpet so it won't go underneath this height, and this stop point is the lowest point where the Leman is dropping each year.