PROTOFIGURE: Orientations désorientées

Par Charles Darrousez, Ella Bacchetta, Ellen Enriquez, Philippe Jenny, 12/12/18


3 projects in one: space, object, orientations. 

In my project, the "machine" as we now call it, offer the advantage of creating space, designing a frame that will give always a different result but obey the same rules. To visualize that path which challenges our logical sense of direction and orientation, it was first required to understand the figure of the project and its meaning. The figure actually transformed itself into a written list, describing through the different steps how one object could get mirrored, inversed, elevetad or reduced. 

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             List of obtained figures


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                  M.C Escher, Relativity

What orientation can we give to the project if it has precisely no defined one? M.C. Escher's work is a good way to see that orientation can be plural and still be imaginable . In fact, his genius remains in confronting the spectator to an apparent at-first-sight mess, while the drawing is in fact a laborious construction built on intersecting planes, rotated figures and numerous axes.