Par Hugo Cabaret, 21/02/19

To begin the second semester, all the studio went to Evian (19/02/2019) to measure the site that we would work on.

It is an incredible site which offers a panoramic view of the lake. The horizon lets us discover the Swiss coast, and particularly the other site that we used : the Laviau. 

Our site in Evian is the result of man construction between the road and the lake, and has two main parts : the organized one and the chaotic one.

One side there is concrete blocks in forms of the letter T, that are aligned, and the dimensions of those blocks are always the same. 

Moreover, on the other side there is a certain amount of rocks, that are juste laid there, some are moving and some are stuck between others. This chaotic disposition makes it difficult to walk on it, and we have to be careful on every steps in order to stand