The Circlorridor

Par Hugo Cabaret, Stephen Bopeso, 18/03/19

For the next phase, we took inspiration from the orbits. We liked this idea of something circular which has energy and makes us feel movement.

After a series of tests, we realized that we weren't thinking as a room but we thought of an orbit as a surface.

So for Rooms, we had to think of circular volume that would have a strong link with the protostructure. 

But before finding how to make our circle we had to  find the good position on the site. 

For that we talked about the points in the site that interested us, and we really liked the zone were all the rocks were standing in a chaotic way and we liked the fact that it was some kind of effort to walk around those rocks

So we decided to take this part of the site for building our project


Then, we wanted to have something circular or elliptic to remind the orbit, and then we had the idea of tilting our circle, so that we could walk along the rocks, go onto our rooms and then go up above the water to have a view of the whole lake.

This drawing shows where our project is put in the site.ROOMS-tc-cabarethugo-201

Next step was to find a way to build a walk above the rocks and the water, and what we found interesting was to have two different systems on holding the steps, one system is composed of shrouds, and we used this system for all the steps above the rocks, but once our walk was above the water we used poles. Using small steps as we did, it gives you at first the feeling of being oppressed between the shrouds, and once you go up and see the lake all the steps are free and it gives you a incredible view, with nothing between the walkers eyes and the view.

Then we made shrouds so that when your are not very high yet, the steps are swinging a bit like a and we wanted to have some movement on our walk.

So we made this room to give the walker a real experience when he walks on it.