The final drawing ?

Par Hugo Cabaret, 06/06/19

The weekend before loading the truck, I drew for the very last time of the year our wall. This is the non-permeable one, with all the slats and all the spaces between them. I also drew two details in axonometry in order to understand how we would pre-fabricate the slat panels. We simply built two horizontals holding all the slats so that we would just put those horizontals on the exitsting frames.

Image Thu Jun 06 2019 12:01:07 GMT+0200 (CEST) ( Elevation Scale 1:20 ) 

When we learned that our walls were going down by 1.65 meter, we were all pre-fabricating our walls and so we didn't have a correct drawing. This last drawing was then showing the size of the wall we would actually build. 

But when we arrived in Evian, we learned that an error in the measures of the slope would again change the height of the walls, by another 40 centimeters. Our walls were 2 meters smaller than the beginning. 

My drawing wasn't showing anymore the actual wall at the site. It became the part of the process and not the end of the process.