the moving protostructure

Par Guillaume Voisard, Hugo Cabaret, Stephen Bopeso, 22/12/18


    During the 2 weeks of scaffolding, we decided to form a group that was composed of Guillaume, Stephen and Hugo. We thought it would be interesting to work together because we all had some similar conditions, such as being at the edge of the water and the ground, or also Stephen and Hugo had projects that moved in different ways. 

The first step was to think about a node inside a protostructure, that could move. Our first test was this one                                  SCAFFOLDING-TC-cabarethugo-101SCAFFOLDING-TC-cabarethugo-102

  After making this test we realized that we needed to have a strong support to hold the bar in the middle. But instead of doing a similar node, we wanted to change the direction of our three axes to have an elegant node, and to do that we chose to imitate the orientation of each axes of guillaume's element, and then we began to build our protostructure. 




    After making our double node at the scale 1:1, we had to work on how to put it on the site. So we worked on a system that could be fixed on the ground and that could hold our protostructure, and that allowed the movement that we made with this pivot. So we made 2 rails, one rail wich moves In the rail under it, so it has a movement in 2 directions

Those rails are the link between the ground and the protostructure. 

    Then we made our protostructure at the scale 1:10 to see how we could multiply and link our nodes in every directions :