The popping up of our House

Par Hugo Cabaret, 09/04/19

For the 2nd week, we came up with the right idea and the shape was the one that we would use for the House. 

We worked on how to assemble the walls and try to build a system so that we could repeat it for all our construction.

This system is so that we would pre-fabricate everything in Lausanne, so that in Evian we would only need to assemble everything. It works as frames, that allows us some errors, so that if the wood or something moves a bit the assembly of the frames would be still easy.

I also worked on finishing the common plan with the others studios and the linked with the proto.

houses_tc_cabarethugo_202.jpg( common plan and elevation with both studios, marechal in the middle and the baur at the right )

( our test at scale 1:10 for pre-fabrication of the walls )