First model of our House

Par Hugo Cabaret, Audrey Wurges, Charles Darrousez, Elisa Nadas, Ella Bacchetta, Eric Gozzi, Gabrielle Chilinski, Hugo Lavorel, Jérôme Margueron, Léo Ornstein, Malak Abdelhady, Philippe Jenny, Stephen Bopeso, Victor Duchastel De Montrouge, 15/04/19

Before the Etat des lieux, during the third week, all the studio focused on finishing the 1:10 model of the project. For that, every groups focused on their walls, and then we dispatched the tasks so that some of us could work on the floor, some of us on the stairs, and some of us on the drawings such as axonometric and elevation that are necessary to understand the process of construction.

houses_tc_cabarethugo_103.jpg(Photo of our space between the straight wall covered by wooden slat and the inclined wall covered by wooden panels, but on the side where the frames are visible)

houses_tc_cabarethugo_104.jpg(Photo of our corridor, between the two walls covered by wood panels)houses_tc_cabarethugo_105.jpg

(Rhino 3D model of our project and also the link with the Marechal's proto)