Grange au Lac ?

Par Hugo Cabaret, 05/05/19

When we came back after the workshop, during the fourth week, we had a long discussion in order to re-organize ourself facing the new site. As a matter of fact we learned before going on holidays that the construction on the site of the Belvedere had been refused. We were all disappointed, because in our project we liked the energy of the site and the nice horizon made by the proto : indeed there was three studios but we managed to give the experience of one common project.

After seing the photos of the new site and after talking with the students that went there, we were convinced that if we worked enough, we would have a project as nice or even better as we had before.

We fixed all the details, we flipped our walls again so that it would be nice to walk inside them, we worked on the bracings, we made a work schedule so that we are already prepared when building will start in Evian. We organized ourself in order to work efficiently

After that, I first worked with Jerôme on the third wall, the one next to screen, and he did a new drawing with the right node, the right slope and the right proto. Given that we only needed one drawing on the third wall, I chose to do the drawing of the first wall, the one non-permeable.

In parallel, I wanted to also work on the 1:1. I then helped the students that went to the workshops, and they helped me to build correctly.

Next thing we have to deal with is finding the right way to build the bracings, is finishing the cut and the measures of all our frames, and is making a 3D drawing to see how to put the pre-fabricated elements in the truck. 

Image Fri May 17 2019 16:46:07 GMT+0200 (CEST)

(drawing of the first wall on the new slope with the new frames on the ground. The proto was also reduced by one cell)