A scenario, a house

Par Lefebvre Yann, Perrin Leo, 13/04/20

With Branet Inès, Hennel Claire from studio Wegman and Zanota Armand from studio Treiber

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Axonometry of the scenario

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Monge of the scenario

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Intent text: a day in the house, shifted in fragments of life.

Hannah, 21, blurred times, in transition

I am unfamiliar with this city, I have only been in Geneva for one month. It was a short, moist summer night when I ran across the house.  I was drifting along planes, I followed the sound of the river and came to rest on the lower part of the house. Three planes as if they were dancing formed a wide and welcoming cocoon. As open as it was, I felt great. Time passed by, it always does, but with the unchanged burble of the river, I felt I could sty there forever. I felt alive.

Charles, 6, can count up to 60

I discovered this place last holidays. It looked like a giant park; I quickly lost my parents in the jungle. My pace went faster as I found my way out of the labyrinth. Then I arrived in a in a place with a strange roof surround by empty cubes, as if it where all made out of legos. There were a lot of people and in the center two of them were speaking, it was full of grown-ups, I recognized my parents among the crowd and continued my journey. My parents saw me, and followed me in to the theatre. It was a funny theater, it looked like wooden falls. I easily got distracted from the play as the backround was way more appealing. Birds, hundreds of them flied from tree to tree and the junction’s colours changed as the sun got lower.   That is the last thing I remember from that day. It was a great adventure.

Juliet, 43, highly determined, no links with her family

I have lived in Geneva for 14 years now and I believe there is a real lack of common ground in this city, for arts, for thoughts. Thus, when I heard of this house near the junction, I immediately wanted to see it. I visited it with some friends, it was an early Tuesday night. An adaptation of La cantatrice chauve was scheduled. We were late, we quickly got to our seats in the theater. The play was nice, the atmosphere reminds me of the genesis of theatre, landscapes, the scene and bleachers. When the play was over we followed the slope and found room to begin a discussion. It was our shelter, and we talked about the necessity or not of sets in the scenography. I won’t unwrap all the plea, yet I thought it was funny that these cubes on the ground created a scenography during our debate, as a mise en abyme.

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Pier collages

Image Tue Apr 14 2020 09:59:00 GMT+0200 (CEST)Debate collage

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The bleachers, slope dialogue

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The labyrinth garden

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Bird view, flying speed                                                Human view, walking speed

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Bird view sequence