Week III : Sequel

Par Perner Fabian, 04/03/20

Image Wed Mar 04 2020 20:07:40 GMT+0100 (CET)

conceptual prototype 1:10

A second approach to the first room


 Access to site is allowed only during fall season at 0600 PM.


How to enter:

The room is to be entered from the south-western corner. While trespassing the tiny gap between an oblique plane and the protostructure, a slightly illuminated wall will appear. Now, when looking to the right, you’ll spot a confined space with a lower aperture, heading east. When you’ll approach to it, the oblique plane confining the opening at 1m20 will lead you to eye downwards to the ground. 

The long shadows of the trees are heading far away from your sight. The calm surroundings let pass the rippling of the nearby river. Suddenly, you start to reflect…