• Week III : Sequel

    Par Perner Fabian, 04/03/20

    Image Wed Mar 04 2020 20:07:40 GMT+0100 (CET)

    conceptual prototype 1:10

    A second approach to the first room


     Access to site is allowed only during fall season at 0600 PM.


    How to enter:

    The room is to be entered from the south-western corner. While trespassing the tiny gap between an oblique plane and the protostructure, a slightly illuminated wall will appear. Now, when looking to the right, you’ll spot a confined space with a lower aperture, heading east. When you’ll approach to it, the oblique plane confining the opening at 1m20 will lead you to eye downwards to the ground. 

    The long shadows of the trees are heading far away from your sight. The calm surroundings let pass the rippling of the nearby river. Suddenly, you start to reflect…

  • Room improvements

    Par Link Johan, 02/03/20

    It’s 10pm, I enter the room after a hard working day. Exhausted I sit on the high threshold of the entrance to remove my shoes. Then I put my backpack on the bench at the bottom of the tilted panel. Finally I remove my jacket and I hang it on the pole at the entrance. Ready to sleep, I lay down on the floor, exhausted  by this day. 

    Around 7 am, The sun begins to spread its light in the gaps under the walls. I wake up in the most natural way ever. I take some new clothes in my backpack next to me and I sit on the little bench at the end of the room. In the sunrise light, I eat the little breakfast I found in my bag. 

    8 am, it’s time to go.

    Image Tue Mar 03 2020 23:19:23 GMT+0100 (CET)

    Image Tue Mar 03 2020 23:19:23 GMT+0100 (CET)

    Image Mon Mar 02 2020 23:10:43 GMT+0100 (CET)

    Image Mon Mar 02 2020 23:10:43 GMT+0100 (CET)

    Image Mon Mar 02 2020 23:10:43 GMT+0100 (CET)

  • Premiers pas - recherches

    Par Delortlaval Paul, 02/03/20

    La lecture, "une précise activité du corps, la mise en jeu de certains muscles, diverses organisations posturales, des décisions séquentielles, des choix temporels, tout un ensemble de stratégies qui font qu’on ne lit pas n’importe comment, ni n’importe quand, ni n’importe où, même si on lit n’importe quoi."

    Georges Perec, 1976

    Image Mon Mar 02 2020 21:13:13 GMT+0100 (Paris, Madrid) 

    Vermeer, la Liseuse à sa fenêtre - 1657

    Relation paradoxale avec l'extérieur : L'apport de lumière, la vue vers le dehors sont des éléments omniprésents bien qu'ils ne soient pas les principaux moteurs de la lecture. Cependant, on ne peut envisager de lire sans ceux-ci. De même, une pièce pour lire nécessite la possibilité de s'isoler, mais ce n'est en aucun cas une obligation. Le peintre donne le choix à sa liseuse de fermer le grand rideau vert qui occupe toute la hauteur du tableau, comme l'architecte doit donner le choix au lecteur de rendre l'espace plus intime. En effet lire, c'est à la fois s'isoler pour s'ouvrir à d'autres mondes, c'est s'enfermer dans un cocon pour faire éclore des histoires.

  • matinée lumineuse

    Par Favre Julie Audrey, 02/03/20

    "Morning Sun" - Edward HOPPER

    Image Sun Mar 15 2020 13:45:45 GMT+0100 (CET)

    It is 8:00 in this morning of spring. The sun is slowly rising in the sky and creates this orange and warm atmosphere.

    My friend and I arrive at the top of my building, and enter the room with our coffees to go and croissants.

    The entrance is created by a roof, quite low, so we have to squat and bend ourselves in order to enter the room.

    The low ceiling prompts us to sit down against a confortable wooden backrest, on my right. 

    The roof doesn't create any shadow, but it protects us from the cold morning breeze and eventual rain.

    This place will always remain my favorite, because it is isolated and intimate. I feel free, above everything. It is a peaceful and cozy place for a nice breakfast and a cup of coffee, that announces a good day.  

    WEEK 1

    During this first week, we had the instruction to use 4 square plans of 30x30 cm to create our room. To put my ideas on paper, I started with sketches and drawings for experimentation and research.

    My room can accommodate a family of 5, for example for breakfast. This is why I decided to orient my room towards the east, so that its occupants benefit from the first warm rays of the sun, while drinking a cup of coffee. My piece is located on a corner of the protostructure, and on its very top, so as not to undergo any shade.

     Image Sat Mar 14 2020 20:50:32 GMT+0100 (CET)   Image Sat Mar 14 2020 19:41:24 GMT+0100 (CET)

                                             research drawing - plan, 2 elevations and a perspective & axonometry                           

     scale 1:10

    WEEK 2

    This week, I accentuated the idea of interiority and modified my entrance, while maintaining the East orientation of my room. I also changed the location of my plans, to create a seat and an eaves. In order to visualize better my ideas, I used the model (cardboard plans) and the drawing.

    Image Sat Mar 14 2020 19:41:24 GMT+0100 (CET)   Image Sat Mar 14 2020 19:41:24 GMT+0100 (CET)

    model made out of cardboard

    scale 1:10

    Image Mon Mar 30 2020 02:44:03 GMT+0200 (CEST)


    scale 1:10

    WEEK 3-4

    During these last two weeks of the ROOMS phase, I completely modified my plans by reducing their size and changing their function. The orientation of the seat is now towards the East unlike that of week 2, which was positioned towards the Northeast.

    The circulation differentiates itself from the space where people come to sit and drink a cup of coffee, which is made of plaster.

    Image Mon Mar 30 2020 08:36:07 GMT+0200 (CEST) Image Mon Mar 30 2020 08:36:07 GMT+0200 (CEST)Image Mon Mar 30 2020 08:36:07 GMT+0200 (CEST) Image Mon Mar 30 2020 08:36:07 GMT+0200 (CEST)


    scale 1:10

    On the bottom left picture, we can expressly see the first vertical plane on which the roof rests. This plane is made up of strips of wood which (from bottom to top) are spaced more and more to invite to observe the view from this side and let in the light.

    Image Sat Mar 14 2020 19:41:24 GMT+0100 (CET) Image Sat Mar 14 2020 19:41:24 GMT+0100 (CET)

    Wooden model embedded in the protostructure, with the second vertical plane on which the roof rests (on the image at the right).

    scale 1:10

    Image Sat Mar 14 2020 19:41:24 GMT+0100 (CET) 

    the five pieces of my room

    scale 1:10

    Image Sat Mar 14 2020 19:41:24 GMT+0100 (CET) Image Sat Mar 14 2020 19:41:24 GMT+0100 (CET)

    On the left, there is the nesting of my plan, (which serves as a seat) in the roof & on the right there is the roof, with spaces that are used to accommodate a vertical wall (space on the left) and the seat (the 3 spaces on the bottom).    

    WEEK 5-6

    This week, using Rhino, I decided to modify the surface of some of my plans. I positioned the wooden bars on each plan, in order to indicate the way to circulate in my room. You should move from the most spaced bars towards the bars that are closer together. I also added a small space to put your cups of coffee and croissants!


     Image Mon Mar 30 2020 03:52:56 GMT+0200 (CEST) Image Mon Mar 30 2020 01:19:27 GMT+0200 (CEST)  

     plan - 2 elevations & axonometry using Rhino

    scale 1:20

    Image Wed Apr 01 2020 12:12:50 GMT+0200 (CEST)Image Wed Apr 01 2020 12:12:50 GMT+0200 (CEST)

    horizontal & vertical sections

    Image Mon Mar 30 2020 01:19:27 GMT+0200 (CEST)   Image Mon Mar 30 2020 01:19:27 GMT+0200 (CEST)   

    catalogue of some mockups

    scale 1:2

       Image Wed Apr 01 2020 12:12:50 GMT+0200 (CEST)Image Fri Mar 27 2020 14:17:02 GMT+0100 (CET)

    perspective-interior & entrance of my room

    Image Mon Mar 30 2020 01:56:06 GMT+0200 (CEST)         

                   Image Mon Mar 30 2020 01:56:06 GMT+0200 (CEST)                          

    plan - elevation of our commune protostructure

    scale 1:40


    My room is a space, which I wanted to be simple, nearly acetic, for the morning. This is similar to Japanese culture where you eat by sitting on the ground, with a low ceiling. The measures I have chosen therefore invite us to lower ourselves and sit down.

    It is a pleasant space where you feel comfortable, well insulated, but still aerated.

  • Week II : Research

    Par Perner Fabian, 01/03/20

    Image Sun Mar 01 2020 22:44:56 GMT+0100 (CET)

                                                                                                                                                           Elevation + Axonometry 1:10