Par Douillet Arthur, 01/03/20

    Along the Rhône, contrasting with the river, four planes rise up, interacting with the trees and protostructure's verticality.

    It's morning time, I just got out of bed.

    I'm going into the room to see the daylight, 

    I sit down and take a fresh breath.

    Image Sun Mar 01 2020 18:14:16 GMT+0100 (Paris, Madrid)

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    Par Villetelle Lena, 28/02/20

    I finally return. The way back seems to me always interminable. I walk along a big and long road. I cross a bridge. I’m going under that bridge to finally get to my favorite spot. I always enter in the same way.I usually step down the stairs at full speed, taking small steps to get to the top of the first ramp. I slide without braking to get enough momentum to get through the second. I do this circuit enough times to make Mom dizzy and watch me from above. There are several small openings where I’m the only one who can sneak in. Sometimes I go all the way up to see Mom and get a taste of it on the ledge. Sometimes I join others under the inclined ramp to talk about strategies and develop game plans or other plots. It’s also my best hiding place when it’s time to go home. This is the place I prefer because for once here all are close enough for the standard but ideal for my small size.

    Let’s hope we go back tomorrow with Mom.

                                                                                                                                                                          Week 1

    During this first week of the rooms phase, the goal was to experiment by drawing different configurations of 4 planes (3m x 3m x 10cm). For this first proposal, my space was used to meet people. The horizontal plane was centered in relation to the pillar of the proto-structure to create a circularity of space. I deliberately placed the roof down to force users to sit on it and have a drink with others. There was finally a space at a higher level that allowed for a view of the Rhone. As my program was not fixed and predetermined enough, I started from this first proposal to go further in my approach.


    Experimentation by technical drawing
    1: 10 years old
    (plane - double elevations - perspective - axonometry )

                                                                                                                                                                          Week 2

    After this first week, it was mainly a question of thinking about a defined programme for a defined room. The idea was not to create something utopian without interest with the site but to create a room with a real function. I remembered that when we went to the mangrove site in Geneva, we had followed a long road with several residential areas. So I looked at the idea of creating a playground for children. From there I had a function but no room. I started from my first proposal of plan configuration to rethink this space. In my opinion, the characteristic of a play space for children must have been a place where children climb, slide, jump, sneak and even hide. I also thought about the fact that all children come with their parents to play in the games room. So I wanted to build in the room a space so that parents could sit and watch their children.


    Technical drawing of the four planes

    1: 10

    ( Plan - double elevations)


    ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_117  ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_118  ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_119 

    First model of the 4 planes in the proto-structure (carton)

                                                                                                                                      Week 3-4

    For the last few weeks, the heat was to move from full plan to potential building elements. It was necessary to think about the assemblies and the materials to be used as well as their support to the proto-structure.


    Technical drawing with assembly (wood)

    1: 20 (plan - double elevations)

    1: 2 ( exploded axonometry of nodes )


    Technical drawing

    1: 20 ( axonometry with wood assembly)

    1:20 ( axonometry of two views with proto-structure)

    ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_130    ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_125   ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_120   ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_124      ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_121    ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_120ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_120ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_121 ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_122ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_123

    pictures of the model into the protostructure


                                                                                                                                                                     Week 5-6

    Image Sun Mar 29 2020 22:51:18 GMT+0200 (heure d’été d’Europe centrale)

    2D drawings with Rhino

    Plan - 2 elevations


    ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_225ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_224 ROOMS_MB_lenavilletelle_223




    Catalogue de constructions

    Plan - elevations - axon




    Plan - elevation (common proto-strucuture 



    Par Guo Anli, 28/02/20

    21:30, after a delicious dinner, I enter the room to watch the serie of Stranger Things that I’ve been thinking for a long time.

    I sit down and lean against an oblique wall, the nature around makes me feel like I’m right there, inside the scene, I can hear the moving water and the sound of falling leaves, Eleven is sitting next to me, trying to get into the mysterious world of another dimension...

    Image Fri Feb 28 2020 00:54:08 GMT+0100 (CET)
    Image extract from Stranger Things, 2016 - Eleven walking to the Castle Byers

    Image Sun Mar 01 2020 18:28:44 GMT+0100 (CET)

    Dessin de recherche - Axonométrie 1:10

    Image Fri Feb 28 2020 00:54:08 GMT+0100 (CET)

    Dessin de recherche - Monge 1:10 et Perspective

  • Think by drawing

    Par Link Johan, 27/02/20

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  • Flowing

    Par Rey Mikael, 26/02/20

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