Diplodomus - Introduction

Par Bonnet Iciar, Couelle Jeanne, Deschenaux Dimitri, Deshayes Charlotte, Dürig Alexander, El Graoui Mohamed, Emery Lucien, Fleischer Adrien, Hajoubi Youssra, Hausel Anna, Lam Kenneth, Niederhauser Noemi, Ornigg Niels, Ozhiganova Anna, Rey Loïc, Sills Sophie, Von Flüe Oriane, 29/05/20

Diplodomus (noun) 

Root - Diplo: double in ancient greek; Domus: latin word derived from the ancient greek demo « build », demos  « house », and  doma « construction ». 

Origin - Following a comment made about the diplodocus skeleton resembling the HOUSES project, a pun was told: that it is in fact a diplodomus. 

Definition - The double HOUSES project created by the Niederlani studio.

Niederlani (noun) 

Root - Nieder: lower in old german; Lani: heavens in hawaiian. 

Origin - The merge of the two studios Niederhauser and Pretolani. 

Definition - A confined group of future architects collaborating.


Implanted on the highest terrain of the Mangrove House is the Diplodomus, a virtual collaboration brought to life by the thirty-one students of the hybrid studio Niederlani during the Coronavirus pandemic. Approximately 15x13x10m , it stretches from the middle of the riverside up to the center of the footpath descending from the wood, and acts as one of the main entrances to the House, connecting the higher ground to the lower. 

Made of mostly wood, plastic and rammed earth, the overall construction is reminiscent of the skeleton of the famous diplodocus, named for its double-beamed tail bones. Its head the entrances at top of the terrain, its ribs enclosed by a semi-transparent membrane encircling the central area and its tail lying detatched accross the protostructure, its iconic bones rising into the air as stairs.

The spacial reality of movement is the uniting aspect shared between each of the five parts constructing the whole body: the relationship between stagnation and motion, the exploration of the effect of various enclosures on space, research on the concept of passage, as well as on the reuse of previously discarded spaces and materials from the Rhone site itself.

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