que veut dire "habiter"?

Par Hausel Anna, 25/05/20

Having spent a ridiculous amount of time running this question through my head and coming up with no answers, I think my train of though might be the most relevant thing I can say.

In English, there is a slight issue of translation, as the word most corresponding to « habiter » is « to live », which seems too broad, meaning also « vivre ». Thus, if I were to translate this question, it would be « What does to live mean? », which is a much deeper philosophical question than I feel qualified to answer. For a little bit I was convinced that English is the odd one out - a language with no specific word to mean habiter!? But explaining to my grandmother, I realised Hungarian doesn’t have a specific word either.

In any case, I think defining this concept is much more difficult than seems at a first glance. I feel I live the spaces I frequent normally - my apartment and the studios. Maybe it is a question of having my possessions there, sleeping there regularly or possibly even paying rent. Maybe it means spaces I have cried and laughed in. It surely means I feel confortable there. It probably means I care about the details. Perhaps I only live in a space if I were to be confined, I would go there. It might be a space which brings me calm.

I think an object or a building could live a space as well. So maybe it is just a question of most time spent. Or where you touch the most stuff.

For now, according to my definition, I live on my Desktop. My rooms are Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Rhino, and Pages. My roommates are WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype and Messenger. My sofas are Netflix, Spotify and Youtube.

I am home.