Par Hausel Anna, Deshayes Charlotte, Dürig Alexander, Sills Sophie, 24/11/19

The meeting of a horizontal and a vertical plane. The Rolex Learning Center. A reference to Measures.

A common denominator: Levitation.

Taken by the way the Rolex Center seemed to rise up and separate from the ground, we began to study this acclivity of the building. After a week of brainstorming and modelling potentials, we found a few integral elements to the project, as well as a coherent form for our project to take. 

Firstly, a curved plane that follows the initial curve of the Rolex above head height. This plane is suspended from a second, vertical, plane. This vertical plane is formed by columns of the same, or similar, composition to those of last year's Houses project. Finally, a structural horizontal plane that supports the vertical and hold the cables. The length of this must be at least two paces long to encourage movement.

A new axis: Movement.

More people walk alongside the building than towards it, at least during our alignment to the beginning of the curve. 

Stepping up onto the raised platform, we enter the interior of the project. The curve rises, opening the space under it, the curve of the base also curves outward. Two paces, and a oblique curve dangling above. The juncture of the vertical and the horizontal uncertain, merely touching, unattached. There is no new space created by it. The joint is simply a perimeter of the extent of the interior, the two-dimensional limit separating in from out.

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