Par Salvadé Luce, 20/04/20

A l p h a,  B e t a

    The given exercice was to focus on the idea of a universal alphabet throughout which it would be possible to communicate in the lexical field relating to architecture and design. One of the question, which intrigued me, was the following one : "How to find a typographic protostructure ?"


    After reflection, I decided that instead of fully creating a new alphabet, I would focus on creating a 3D typography that could move into different volumes and shapes, with shades coming along to add some depth.


 Manual & Protostructure

 To help the clarity, the typo was rethought with a ruler and cut lines, as to define better what which letters were in front, or behind. 


Clarity & a Module

To stay on the line of the House project, I then got carried away and tried to represent the site of the Mangrove with the developed 3D typography.


Pente, Terre, Arbre, Eau, Muret, Eau