Par Bolanz Auxane, Nagy Adam, Ozkorkut Ecenaz, Solis Béroud Lisa, 08/12/19



   Everything started with a combination of two projects who served the same ideas but in different ways. 


   To combine the projects, first we needed to find our main subject which describes what we want to show in Measures. We came up with two words: Movement and Inclination. But these two words were too general and to explore more we had to find more definitions. 


  We did some research about Rolex Learning Center and site of R.L.C.. From our observations we found a place where we can build our structure. But why particularly this place ? We got fascinated by how landscape came to be and the way people interacted with this landscape. Furthermore, we wanted to make use of the relation between people and edifice. In addition, we wanted to emphasize the balance between the magnificence and the simplicity.  That is the reason why we chose one of the places which have been created by the people themselves.


Which brought us three different words: Passage, Equilibrium, Dialogue. We wanted our construction to be based around all of these terms, our previous projects, and planes. 


Basically, our aim was to establish the solemnity of this crossing by forming the balance between a plane and a massive volume. With this, we have the short story behind how our project came to life.

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