Par Ozkorkut Ecenaz, 09/04/20

    Without a doubt, the house is the best equivalent of permanence and constancy in architecture. It symbolises the landscape, the dirt it rises upon, and the life dependent on it; it is a microcosmos. In the ontological context, domesticity embodies persistency despite its physical being and the cyclicality of life. Permanence consists of survival and the layers of order (communal and physical order), and it is a resistance against entropy.

    The house also presents itself as a prestigious area for studying the phenomenologies typical to the notion of space. It is not possible to understand it in its fullest extent by reducing the word house to its literal meaning of a physical place. The house points to social concepts, more so than a physical structure, an object. It becomes the vital point of social interaction nets, which holds deep meaning solely for humans. With regards to the idea of time, the house obtains different dynamics with past, present, and future each. These dynamics who sometimes coincide, sometimes conflict, and other times warn each other...

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