• An analysis of a Greek-Roman Space, the Pantheon

    Par Poncioni Noémie, 30/09/19

    Lately we assembled the elements (which we were asked to build previously) of the ground of the Pantheon, one of the best-preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings. The scale was 1 :3 in plan and 1 :1 in height. This collective model enabled us to see the eventual imperfections of our constructions and where corrections were needed.



    In order to reach the first goal of the year we began to draw sketches. Those observations were very useful, especially in the making of our elements (the one on my picture is the F3, built in collaboration with Ines Branet) and how the wooden sticks should be stuck together.



    CRAFTS_UW_poncioninoémie_104   CRAFTS_UW_poncioninoémie_105

    Finally we drew a plan, two elevations and an axonometry (1/2 scale of the model). For the elevations we used the projection de Monge.

    CRAFTS_UW_poncioninoémie_202      CRAFTS_UW_poncioninoémie_203