Par Cruchaud Nina, Suter Delphine Magaline, 31/05/20

with: Julia Petrachenko from studio Abenia, Aymane Filali from studio Treiber and Mikael Rey from studio Bondu 

For the 2 first weeks of the phase we've been asked to design a house composed by different elements taken back from the precedent phase: ROOMS. 

It's from this point that we actually started to learn how to work as a team but through a screen. 

We also learned more about the site conditions and the stories of the JONCTION in order to create our own.

Writing a short story about the potential future house helped us to contextualize our design choices.

In the middle of the production, all the actors left the Galpon scene. The spectators, including myself were a bit surprised but then we all understood somehow that we needed to follow the artists outside.
On the right, from the parking lot to the trees, a big wooden structure was 

The actors entered quickly in it and disappeared. Slowly we arrived in a strange space made by big oblique planes. Once inside, the crowd continued moving in the direction of the Arve attracted by a mysterious opening through which appeared the water. We arrived on stairs and climbed them up. The trees seemed to be part of the construction going in and out the stairs. We arrived close to another floor. We had to cross it by a small opening and we finally saw the artists again. They were dancing and moving in a very smooth way around some pillars. We had to find a way through this scene to reach the tier.

Behind us stood a structure pointing the other bank of the Arve like a signal.

At the end of the representation we wanted to explore more and we were naturally attracted by another small entrance, in front of us, crossing the stairs.

Behind was a different space which felt like a dead end and made out of the same planes than the entrance but with a central space with two small platforms facing each other. It looked like a good place to confront someone verbally. The roof planes seemed to be floating and created an interesting echo with the people dialogues.

After that I slipped off and ran down the stairs to reach the calm water and the tree’s shadows.

Beside that we draw a story board to visualize a visit of the house 

Image Sun May 31 2020 14:27:02 GMT+0200 (CEST)

study sketches of doors through bleachers and ways of distributing the space between floors

Image Sun May 31 2020 14:27:02 GMT+0200 (CEST)Image Sun May 31 2020 14:27:02 GMT+0200 (CEST)

Some collages, rhino models and additional texts were made to develop more the concepts of the house and appear in other blog posts of the team.