Par Waeber Marek, 18/03/20

I decided to work again on the position of my plans. Their location did not seem very convincing to me.

Image Thu Mar 19 2020 11:21:51 GMT+0100 (heure normale d’Europe centrale)

My research was done through small models and small sketches. One of the plans, the one on the left, has been advanced so it strengthens this corner condition. Thereby people inside my space will not be bothered by those who are outside. This creates a condition of perpendicularity with the lower plane. (the ground)

The diamond plane has been moved in order that the corner of the upper plane and the corner of the diamond plane touch each other.

These two adjustments allow the project to be clean and precise.

The roof plan has also been changed. He is now more tilted. This reinforce the condition of firmness in the center to leave only the possibility of seeing to the left or to the right.

Image Thu Mar 19 2020 11:18:27 GMT+0100 (heure normale d’Europe centrale)

one of my first sketches, here we can not see the diamand plan. 

At the back (north) the spaces have also been changed. There was 50 cm on the left and 35 cm on the right, a place to walking and another place to sitting. Now those two spaces are 60 cm, enough space to walk on it and pass from one project to another.

The protostrutre was also moved.

Its new position, one hand in the center of my space, allows the visitor to lean against it. It therefore becomes an obvious place for any visitor who enter in this space.

On the other hand, the passage of the protostructure in the end of my space close the view so that the observer can focus on the opening located on the left and right, (sunset and the sunrise) and not on what is in front him.

Image Thu Mar 19 2020 11:18:27 GMT+0100 (heure normale d’Europe centrale)

So finally, I can say that this space is for a student or adult who work all day. This person is probably around 25-40years old and has time to come only in the evening or in the morning.

At the end of week 2: I was thinking about the materials that could go with my project. Wood seems to me a good solution. It reminds me of the wooden chalet in the Valais. A peaceful place that could match with my place.