Privacy in Japanese culture

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Moriyama-San’s Life in His House

by Souhei Imamura

Tokyo, November 2008

"Mr. Moriyama sees no reason to hang heavy curtains or shutters. Anyone can look into his abode, both from the yard and from the street, though he personally doesn’t mind a bit. On the contrary, he enjoys this liberated and open lifestyle. As a child he grew up in the neighborhood. His parents ran the local liquor store, which is why he still knows all «customers» in the vicinity today. Back then everyone on the street could also peer deep into the store where the family’s life was being played out. Being observed by the neighborhood is therefore the most natural thing in the world for Moriyama. It would be inconceivable for him to hide behind thick walls. Residents in the Western hemisphere living behind such walls and attaching great importance to their «privacy» would arguably have a difficult time feeling comfortable with this open lifestyle. [...] This doesn’t apply to Mr. Moriyama - he enjoys every day of his exposed life."

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